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Invisible Needs of Life - Yuriage Town Renaissance after Tsunami

SHSH have examined how they could contribute to the reconstruction of housing and living conditions after a natural disaster. Not without significance because the tsunami of 11th March 2011 put the young practice of the duo working in Belgium and Europe on edge.

Yuriage, the village where Shizuka Hariu grew up and where her family still lives, is almost completely destroyed by the disaster. SHSH have spent almost two years on volunteer activities and interviews with local residents, site visit, cooperation with local architects and research on the needs of people in dramatic circumstances.

As a result, SHSH proposes Invisible Needs of Life. A positive contribution to local life encouraging cultural activities and giving a broader picture in a period of uncertainty. We hope to have provided a four stage sustainable solution, which nourishes the growth within the community and meets their social, physical, cultural and spiritual needs.

The exhibition shows the search for concrete actions to provide assistance to residents of disaster areas. This resulted in a number of designs: Yuriage Machi Cafe / New facility for the community centre, Seaside Festival Scenography / Mobile facilities for festivals, Seaside Tribune / Open air seats and bridges in front of the sea and Mountain Memorial Walk / Promenade with view towards Yuriage. Each facility has an event platform and stands near a safe haven, a highly safe structure that would be used in case of evacuation.

Opening : 16th April 2013, 18:00. Debate starts from 20:00

Exhibition : from 17th April 2013 to 16th June 2013
Place : deSingel, Antwerp
Website :
Exhibitor : SHSH
Curator : Katrien Vandermarliere
Production : VAi (Flanders Architecture Institute)