Shizuka Hariu / SHSH Architecture+Scenography

between the Imaginary and the Concrete

Copyright ┬ęShizuka HARIU 2021

'For love, Medea sacrificed everything - only to suffer the ultimate betrayal at the hands of her husband, Jason. As he prepares to marry his new bride, Medea plots the ultimate act of revenge to free herself from him and immortalise those she holds dear, finally taking control of her own destiny.

Our Medea will weave Euripides' ancient world together with the modern day story of a single mother who faces losing her children and the roof over their heads after 18 years of marriage. However, just as she begins to feel that she has lost control of her future, she finds an old copy of Medea and discovers a woman within its pages that offers her the inspiration she's been searching for...

Performed by an all-female cast and using the cathartic power of song and the visceral power of movement by director George Mann (Pink Mist, Light), this retelling will attempt to reclaim Medea as a powerful female character who fought against injustice, at all costs.' from Bristol Old Vic Theatre website

Michelle Fox, Akiya Henry, Eleanor Jackson, Kezrena James, Stephanie Levi John, Jessica Temple

Writer Euripides
Translation Robin Robertson
Writer, Modern Story Chino Odimba
Director George Mann*

Designer Shizuka Hariu
Co-composer & Sound Designer Jon Nicholls
Lighting Designer Katharine Williams Old vic_20170507 copy.jpg